Our Mission

Mission Statement

Guided by safety and quality, Next Generation Construction and Environmental is driven to provide the most reliable and cost effective oilfield services.  We build value for our customers by hiring and training the best oilfield professionals; using the best equipment; and continuously improving our methods and processes.  When the job is complete, we want our customers to know that they are a part of the Next Generation oilfield.

President's Commitment to Safety

Dear Employees, customers, fellow industry workers and business owners, 

I believe that safety always comes first and that safety must be a core business value. I also believe that 
a zero incident work environment can be achieved. In the big picture, it's important to remember that 
these statements are just a priority, a value, and a goal. While I'm dedicated to the actions behind these 
statements I prefer to commit to the fact that safety is a moral obligation guided by four fundamental 
rights that everybody is entitled to and should never be compromised. Everybody has the right to:

  • A safe and healthy work environment 
  • Communicate safety concerns or Stop Work without reprimand 
  • Safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Training and information regarding applicable safety regulations, work place hazards and safe work practices 

These rights extend beyond NG Construction & Environmental into the places we work and to our fellow 
workers around us. 

I believe that the phrase "this is the way it's always been done" is a dangerous assumption that 
perpetuates the unsafe work practices of the previous generations. I commit to the idea that workers in 
the next generation construction will choose to respectfully ask "how can this be done safely?" and seek a 
better approach. 

The next generation construction is a place where safety is the origin of productivity and quality; where work 
will not be conducted until all hazards have been be controlled; where no business objective is more 
important than a safe work environment and where everyone confidently stops work to control hazards. 
These are the principals by which we will do business and these are the reasons why Next Generation 
will be successful. 

I want to make it clear that my commitment to safety goes beyond these words; a true commitment to 
safety can only be demonstrated. I will demonstrate my commitment by: 

  • Implementing and upholding safe work practices; 
  • Sharing knowledge of work place hazards, learning from stop work interventions, near hits and hazard identifications; 
  • Establishing and maintaining clear communication, safety specific responsibilities and expectations; 
  • Continually working toward a work environment free of uncontrolled hazards. 

I urge everyone that reads this letter to commit to the moral obligation of upholding the four fundamental 
safety rights and I challenge you to ask yourself and others around you "how can this be done safely?"


Camron Lente
President, NG Construction and Environmental